Photo Production  done By Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle)


     Photographer's own Production is A less frequent Although A good Choice .Sometimes the Limitations of A given

     Advertising Budget Have me Take Care Myself of All the Necessary Steps that Allow A Shoot to Take Place,like

     Locations Scouting (obtaining Permits And Authorizations for All Selected ones.)

     Accomodation Finding for Teams in best possible terms,

     Catering ,Flight Booking,Car Hiring,All Papers and Billing Issues

     All the obviously needed Basis for Creativity that Everybody Needs when it comes down to relying on the Same Entity

     (two in one) for Shooting the Images and for Setting up All That,Both Producer And Photographer,

     It is All possible. You Are Welcome to Contact Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle)

     for Further Inquiries on the Production Side,for A rough,for A project,for A Budget Cost Estimation...

     Answer will be sent Back A.S.A.P.         

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