Directions From the AVIGNON PROVENCE AIRPORT ,

      which is Located 9 km from the City Center -     141,Allée de la Chartreuse - 84 140 - AVIGNON

      Airport Car Rentals:

      All the main Car Rental Companies do have an office at the Airport,such as Europcar,

      Avis, Citer...However ...they are only opened when they have registered Reservations.

      If for instance no Passenger at All reserved Any Rental Car ,You may find All

      those offices in the dark and Closed upon Landing .

      Do not forget to Reserve your Vehicle at least 24H before Via the Central Reservation

     office of any of the Rental Cars Companies .to be sure to have your Vehicle ready.

      When registering Your Reservation,Simply specify as the Departure Point

      of Your Car Rental : Airport Avignon Provence


      Follow the Pannels "Sortie"( Way Out) , to Leave the Airport Via the Allée de la Chartreuse.

     At the Roundabout,Take the Second Exit on the N7 ,

     Follow the N7 Always Straight on  , Direction AVIGNON,then Direction: Centre Ville (City Center)

     for a Total Distance of 8.30 Km . After passing through 3 Roundabouts and 11 Traffic Lights,

    This All straight line ends when You are Facing the City Walls Surrounding the City of AVIGNON.

    Make a Left on the Peripheral Boulevards,and Follow the City Walls for a Total Distance of 2.30 Km

    The Avignon City Walls should Always remain on Sight on Your Right Handside, until

    You have reached Point Km 2.30 Since You began Driving Around the City Walls. You Are at that Point

    on the Blvd Saint-Dominique and You Are in View of the Bridge Edouard Daladier over River Rhône

     Just before this Bridge,Turn Slightly Left to Drive underneath the Bridge, Direction VILLENEUVE

     Stay on the Right Hand Lane and Turn Right  in a complete U-Turn to get on Top of the Bridge,

     Direction Villeneuve les Avignon,Les Angles,La Barthelasse.

    You Are while crossing this bridge leaving the VAUCLUSE County and Entering the GARD County.

   Drive Across the River Rhône on this "Bridge Edouard Daladier" , Keep going onto the Second Bridge,the

    "Bridge of the Kingdom",and at the End of this Second Bridge,Make a Right to Take the Avenue Gabriel Péri.

   Follow the Road,Pass Three Sets of Traffic Lights, until You Reach a Roundabout.

   Turn Left to Enter the Walls of the Village of VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON,via the

   rue Marcel Fabrigoule,Keep Following the Street which makes a right at Square Saint-Marc,and

   Cross the Village  Via the one Way Cobblestone Street "rue de la République" ,Exit the city Walls at the other End .

  At the Roundabout, Take the Second Exit on rue Pierre Sémard and Follow it uphill for 200 meters to its junction

   with the Boulevard Léon Gambetta ,Make a Left on Blvd Gambetta and Drive Uphill to the Top of the hill for 1 mile.

   Once you have reached the Very Top of the Hill ,at the Roundabout,Take the Third Exit  on the Avenue des Cévennes.

   Follow the Avenue des Cévennes for 500 meters ,passing a set of traffic lights,until You come to A Roundabout.

   Make a Right ,and Drive Uphill the Avenue du Mont-Ventoux until You reach the next Hill Top ,

    You have Reached  "Les Hauts de VILLENEUVE" : the VILLENEUVE Heights .

   At the Roundabout ,Take the Third Exit on Chemin des Falaises.

    The Mailbox of the N°46 is Located on Your Right   ,

     Take the Pathway all the way for 200 Meters,then , Make a Left.


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