For Cycles,there Are Two Possibilities ,Depending which Station You Arrive At

 - Below are the Directions From the AVIGNON Central  Station

( Click here for the : Directions from Avignon TGV Station  )

  At the Avignon Central Station Follow the Arrows to  Way Out ,

 and  You Are Facing AVIGNON City Walls,

Make a Left as You  come out of the Station and Take the Boulevard Saint-Roch

along the City Walls which are on your right.

Go through Two Sets of Traffic Lights and Keep Driving along the city walls

on the Cyclists Lane Around the City Walls

500 Meters further along Blvd Saint-Dominique, You Are in View of a Bridge Accross the River Rhône.

 Turn slightly left to drive underneath that Bridge.

 As You drive underneath the Bridge  Stay on the Right Hand Lane and Turn Right

  in a U-Turn to get on Top of the Bridge,Direction Villeneuve,Les Angles,La Barthelasse.

  You Are Leaving the VAUCLUSE County and entering the GARD County.

 Drive Across the River Rhône on the Bridge Edouard Daladier ,

Keep going onto a Second Bridge : the Bridge of the Kingdom ,

and at the End of this Second Bridge,Make a Right and

 Take Avenue Gabriel Péri.

 Follow the Road,Pass Three Sets of Traffic Lights, until You Reach a Roundabout.

 Turn Left to Enter the Walls of the Village of VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON,via the

 street Marcel Fabrigoule,Keep Following the Street which makes a right at Square Saint-Marc,

 Cross the Village  Via the one Way Cobblestoned Street rue de la République ,

 Exit the city walls at the End of that street, passing below an arch .

 At the Roundabout, Take the Second Exit on rue Pierre Sémard and Follow it 200 meters

 until a crossroads with the Boulevard Léon Gambetta , at the junction,

 you want to make a left on Blvd L.Gambetta and Drive Uphill to the Hill Top  for a mile.

 When you have reached the Top of the Hill ,at the Roundabout,

Take the Third Exit  on Avenue des Cévennes.

 Follow the Avenue des Cévennes for 500 meters , go past a set of traffic lights,

You come to A Roundabout.

 Make a Right ,Drive Uphill the Avenue du Mont-Ventoux until You reach the final Hilltop,

 You have Reached  "Les Hauts de VILLENEUVE" (" VILLENEUVE Heights" .)

 At that Roundabout ,Take the Third Exit on Chemin des Falaises.

  The Mailbox of the N°46 is the only thing in sight on Your Right   at N°46 Chemin des Falaises ,

 When You are in view of the  N°46 Mailbox, Take the non asphalted driveway,

 drive for 200 meters , make a Left  at the wrought iron entrance gate ,

you have reached your destination.


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