After a Master's Degree in English Literature in the City of   

Theater,Avignon,where she saw A Thousand Plays,she decided

to stop writing with words,and to do that with Photographs,

the Kind that make one say:

" An Image is worth A Thousand Words..." ,     

and even Better,to do that for the rest of her life,to make those  

simple Images,the ones without Any sort of Compromise of

any   kind to the Essential,the ones that speak for

themselves,making  text and written words almost seem like a

secondary luxury.      

Directing A Team is when she is At her Best,as long as A team    

is positive and right,with A Casting Always made by her being    

an obvious and a number one type of priority.                           



"I only photograph well what I would look like myself,and in

that   respect I automatically and instinctively find the right

people when   I make A Casting. Casting is Very important to

me,so important  that    I can Easily go through 40 to 200

Books or Meetings in the same week to find the right model

or actor for what I must Photography.

 The Making of A strong Image is not merely about having the

material  means to Achieve it,indeed,it is About A mood,a

Lifestyle that A Model or Actor ,My Photo Team and Myself

can recreate totally,as An Image which does not have the

end power to express something is not strong enough to

deserve to be named an image..."                                       

 Photographing people in studio has never been her direction                     

because she finds it difficult to live in front of a white wall,and                     

her whole strength is about portraying a man or a woman

with the  kind of car he(she) drives,in the kind of places he

(she) goes to,and  more,with the kind of people or

surroundings he(she) feels right with.        

 Since her first worthy Photograph shot in 1989,she has been

attracted   by the classical side of fashion worldwide,that sort of

style that is timeless,durable,simple elegance ,often referred to

as "Classical Style is Eternal",   and since then also has been

constantly on the move,as she belongs to    those few Fashion

Photographers that take the International very seriously,   

working in EUROPE mainly,for Groups and Magazines such as:                 


(Italy),  FAIRCHILD Publications( U.S.A.) , FHM (U.K.),

BIBA (France) spending A  Year in Californian Locations,

LOS ANGELES,to produce A series of   Fashion Images,

Category :Personal Research

Work,then Back to PARIS,  working on Architecture Images,

Current Project is to Concentrate on Horticulture and Food and

Kids Photography.              


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