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 Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle)


 For Security and ID Theft Prevention,I Advice Anyone Emailing me not to Modify My

Identity which is Currently Miss,Fraülein or Mademoiselle     -->Click here  Reply



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  Profile  Information

   About Me:        I Also do Web Design,

                          Swimming,and Skying

    Places I've   

            lived         PARIS , France

                             From 1989 to 2010

                 VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON ,

                              From 2011 to present



    Places I've

       Worked:        PARIS France     

                               From 1989 to 2010

                   VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON ,

                               From 2011 to present


            Job          Fashion Beauty Advertising   



 Company Name::Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle)


      Places I've

          Studied:     AVIGNON University

                           From 1980 to 1986


          Degree:     Master of English Literature



         Spoken        English,French


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   Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle)  55

  VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON,                             France

   Work: +

        Sabine FAURE S.A.(Mlle) 


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 Last updated Sat Jun 23,2018

   Member since September 2005






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